Factors to Consider While Choosing the Lighting of Your Home

Oftentimes, lighting comes under the things that people overlook until the home renovation reaches the final stage. Lighting of your home can even get overwhelming because of the varied range options. You need to get perfect house lights everywhere to enhance everything you get done.
Proper lighting in your home enhances the decoration and aesthetics of each room in your house. It is quite essential that it transforms the entire space, creates particular ambience following the type of light you selected.
Your home lighting could be in any style you want like simple, sophisticated, or whatever you want. All you need is to make the right mood to make the best style possible.
Here are the things you need to know;


1. Lighting for Living Rooms:

Living room is a communal space where diverse things happen. Here you should have inviting mood and make this possible with the combination of general and accent light in a subtle way. Also, you can mix match lightings with table lamp and floor lamp. But, if you have small living room then one general light would be enough illuminating the room.
On contrary to this, if your living room has high ceiling then go for larger pendant lighting. The layering technique works great for living room. To illuminate the darker corners, you can add standing lamps.


2. Lighting for Entrances, Stairs, and Landings:

Typically, these are the least decorated areas of a home so here you should consider using lights with aesthetic appeal. Following this, you can go for general lighting with statement design making it its fixture simply like a chandelier. Also, you can go for layering technique that is using a lot of light sources to enhance the entire room. You can change general light and go for an accent light in a form of table lamp or something more appropriate.


3. Lighting for Dining Room:

Dining room is the comfy place of home for the family members to gathers and chat while eating. This demands an inviting atmosphere that you can get with hanging main lighting right in the middle of the dining room. However, keep in mind that the lamp you are installing should be at least 6cm away from the surface of the table. To make it more comfy you ca hang general light from the ceiling and accent lights around the circumference of the room. Make sure to choose the correct intensity of lights as you never want it too bright or too dim.


4. Lighting for Kitchen:

It is necessary for the kitchen to have general lighting with goof intensity. Make sure that your kitchen hand sufficient light installation. You can add supplementary lightings under the hanging hood or cabinet.


5. Lighting for Bedroom:

For this you should consider choosing lights that makes comfortable and relaxing surrounding. Table lamps and wall lights are great for bedrooms. Also, you can go for lights that has special setting with dimming function.


6. Lighting for Study or Working Space:

While you study or work, it is vital for you to have lightings that enables you to focus and concentrate. In this regard, you can install general lighting that brightens your room. Alongside, adding a supplementary table lamp or reading light would be highly appreciative. However, all you need to make sure that the room is bright enough not letting you go low on your eyesight.


7. Lighting for Bathroom:

General lights are great for bathroom and make sure to place its switch outside for safety. You should not consider decorative lamps with designs on it as it will difficult the cleaning process. Note that bathroom lights never have wood, fabric or leather finishing because it can get moldy while getting contact with moisture. In this regard, general light is the best.


Final Words:

The best way to choose the lighting in your home is to know and consider the purpose of each room and area and then set lightings according to that. Lighting is one of the essential part of home renovation that gets overlooked and then people suffer. In this regard, you should consider doing it alongside the renovation to keep things smooth.

Tips for Choosing Right Home Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the makeup of your home and it comes under the list of all largest investments you make. It is something that equates to practicality for the lifestyle you are in. Getting your kitchen some home appliances is challenging as there is a great deal of stuff present in the market. The things are available ranging from energy saving, convenient to top-notch designer models.

Following this, what and how will you choose appliances for your home? Here are some tips that you should follow while choosing the right kitchen appliances. We have mentioned these below to help you feel confident while making your next purchase.


1.    Refrigerators:

With any other home appliance like water heater or something gets to know about how it looks and everything assessing your living style. But when the point is about refrigerators, you need to consider the number of times you and your family cooks and eat. Big families should go for larger capacity units offering good ability to preserve food. Top end models offering dual refrigeration, energy efficiency and on-door control is necessary for such families.

Whereas, single or mall families who do not cook a lot should go for snazzy stainless steel or built-in models that are stunning in look but does not have other accompaniments. Also get to know if your home need a separate storage for wine or the best deal would be to go for refrigerated drawers.


2.    Oven and Stoves:

When you need to get stove or oven then consider thinking the way to typically cook alongside your level of cooking, novice or experienced. The oven or stove you choose highly impacts on the way you cook. Convection instead of conventional oven consumes more energy. However, most expert cooks like to use that because of its even distribution of heat, it enables them to cook faster with more control.

For the people who like a stove or cooktop can choose from a variety of option. Everything has their own pros and cons like induction gas or electric supply. Beginners tends to like electric because of its slow heating and experts look for induction and gas stoves because of its fast heating and control.


3.    Vent System:

One of the area that is mostly forgotten during the choice of appliances is the vent system. If you have unobstructed overhead views then go for range hoods overhead or down draft system that gets into your cooktop or countertop. According to the size of your cooktop or stove and if your kitchen have griddle, integral grill, burners or any kind of heating elements so it increases the need of vent system. Check and research on your preferred appliance brands to get to know which type of vent is ideal for you and your kitchen.


4.    Dishwasher:

Same like your refrigerator, the living style of your family shows which dishwasher type is functional for your home? Lower models usually have simplified controls, whereas the top end models features qualities like energy efficiency, noise reduction, hidden control, etc. The second kind of models are actually a great help for small homes or open floor spaces. If you have smaller dishware then you can go for dishwasher drawers as it saves water too.


5.    Ranges:

While buying ranges you need to check on your cooktop and oven as it combines them. All the ranges are great for baking, boiling, broiling and roasting. The primary point where there is a difference is to go for gas or electric. Check on the size of your cooktop and oven as it complements it. You should also know the fuel type you have in your kitchen. Also confirm yourself if you need a self or manual cleaning oven, definitely self is way for convenient. If you get the one with most features so the price will be undoubtedly high but if you live alone and need a range then go for something basic.


Final Words:

Choosing appliances for your home and kitchen should be rewarding. It facilitates your lifestyle and aesthetics so make sure to buy with following every point you can. This will help you in getting the best suitable thing for your kitchen.

How to Make Your Business Productive Using Pendant Lighting as Commercial Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting up the mood, which is why you feel sleepy at night and fresh in the morning.

Another practical example would be horror movies. Imagine a horror movie filmed in bright dark light, and you have the perfect recipe for a flop comedy film.

Lighting can be effectively used to manipulate the mood and set you up on the right track for the goal you want to achieve, which is it is essential to have the right kind of light at the right place.

This blog will discuss different businesses and how you can make them more productive using pendant lighting as your commercial lights.


Effectiveness of Pendant Lighting as Commercial Lights: 


1. Offices:

Most businesses operate in offices, and it is important to have a well-lit environment in there so that the employees feel active and energetic.

But most of the offices also rely on either paperwork or computers to operate.

While LEDs can be a great choice to be used as commercial lights in offices as they lit up the environment well, but the problem with them is that they do not provide focus.

Feeling active and wanting to work is not enough for a productive office. You also need to have an environment that facilitates employees to focus. For this, individual pendant lighting would be a great choice.

Pendant lighting will light up every employee’s desk and avoid the shadows created by general LED lights, providing ease of work and focus.


2. Restaurants:

Restaurants are the second most popular business premises after offices, and they rely on lighting for productivity as much as offices do, if not more.

In a restaurant, people usually come to have leisure time, and so the commercial lights used in there should facilitate them to relax, unlike an office.

Moreover, you do not need an active environment in a restaurant. You only need light over the table, making the plates and food well lit while keeping the lights dim on faces.

There could not be a better choice for a restaurant than pendant lighting as it will serve the purpose and make the environment cozy, making the customers feel good.


3. Stores:

The third most popular category of businesses is fashion stores, and the importance of pendant lighting here is crucial.

Stores are generally well lit to make the customers feel welcomed and active enough to make a purchase, but an important factor in a store’s business is how it displays its products.

Even if your store is well lit and everything is visible, you want your products to be extra prominent. A usual choice to cater to this purpose is accent lights, and the ideal accent lights to focus on a specific track in a store are pendant lighting.

Pendant lighting makes your racks prominent even in your well-lit store and would draw your customer’s attention towards your products.


4. Automobile Showrooms:

After work, food, and clothes, the next essential business is a car.

The use of commercial lights could not be any more important for car showrooms because the car’s exterior attracts the customer at first sight, which is why a paint job boosts the price of a car many folds.

Car showrooms use heavy LED lights to make the store look ultra-wide, as they want to show their reflection on the car’s shiny exterior. But this trick does more bad than good.

Heavy LED commercial lights create monotony in the car showroom, making all the cars look a bit similar, and using the same color light can also negatively impact the purpose of a good paint job.

For best results, pendant lighting should be used to attract a customer’s attention to a particular car and save it from becoming monotonous inside the showroom.

Another liberty of using pendant lighting as commercial lights is that you can choose different colors that will complement the car’s paint, and it will also remain focused on one car only. Isn’t it what the car companies do in their advertisements and posters?


5. Auto Repair Garages:

When people buy a car, they will definitely need to get it repaired, which gets us to our next business in demand; the auto repair garages.

Auto repairing requires extreme focus because it involves finding screws and bolts, and a slight carelessness could damage some integral part of the car.

For this purpose, regular commercial lights do not work well, and mechanics must use some commercial lights which provide focus, making pendant lighting an ideal choice.

How to Make your House Luxurious Using Hanging Light as House Lights

They say the first impression is the last. In the case of a person, the first impression is his looks.

In the case of a house, the first impression is how the house looks. Wherever there is sight involved, there is light involved as you can’t see in the absence of light.

How you light up your house defines the impression your house will have on a visitor. Your house represents you, and your visitor will naturally use your house as a parameter to estimate your personality.

Make sure you make your house a true representative of your elegant personality by using hanging light as your house lights.

Many people might think lighting is as simple as installing a bulb and switching it on. Well, that’s not true at all. Different types of lights serve different purposes. And yes, there are more purposes of using light than just brightening up the room.


Things to Know Before Choosing House Lights:

When you make a house, you do not just build four walls and start living there. You divide the space into various parts in rooms according to the purpose you want them to serve.

A house has different parts, and the most basic of them are bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and lounge. All these rooms are designed to serve different purposes. But how come the house lights would be the same in all rooms?

Let us clarify it further with some examples. Your bedroom is mostly used to relax or chill out. You do not need a bright light there as it will make the environment unsuitable for relaxing.


1.  Entrance:

Entrance is the first impression of your house’s first impression, and the house lights used here will define how your house welcomes you or your visitors.

House lights on the entrance should ideally be bright and warm so that they truly make you feel welcomed.

You can use LED lights on the entrance or an exotic chandelier. For extra light, use hanging lights, which you can use when you do not have a visitor and need to brighten up the area. Hanging light will also help when you enter the house late as you don’t want to alert everybody with the big light.


2. Lounge:

Your lounge is used to relax, chill out, or hang out and have serious discussions.

For this reason, the ideal house lights in the lounge would be an LED light for brightening up or a hanging light such as a chandelier, which will keep it bright enough to make everything visible but also dim enough to relax and talk.


3. Bedroom:

So the appropriate house lights for a bedroom would be the one which can lit the room well but can also keep dim. Moreover, you can have lamps on your side tables and accent lights on your dressing table, which will serve only the essential purpose.


4. Bathroom:

In your bathroom, the ideal house lights should make it bright enough to see clearly because you don’t need your bathroom to be too bright. And a good addition would be accent light on the mirrors over the sink so that you can focus on your face.


5. Kitchen:

There are variations in the kitchen designs. Some are closed kitchens used for cooking only, and some are open. Some have a dining table, and some have a bar.

The ideal house lights for your kitchen would mostly depend on the style of your kitchen, but generically, here are some suggestions.

Over your dining table, the best choice for house lights would be hanging light as you only want the light to see your plate and nothing else. The hanging light will also create enough luminance to make the faces visible so that you can have a cozy environment.

Similarly, on the shelf where you cut, you need extra light and no shadows. A hanging light would be ideal because it will provide enough light for a sharp focus and avoid shadows.

For a sink or a bar, you do not need a lot of light, so you could either make do with your general LED light if it is bright enough, or you can use accent lights or even a hanging light. Especially on a bar, a hanging light will serve the purpose perfectly while adding to the feel and the mood.


6. Garage:

Lastly, choosing the right house lights for your garage is as important as it is for the rest of your house.

You do not want to leave your garage dull. You should have some light there to keep a check if there is some suspicious activity going on, like a thief messing around. But you also don’t want to provide the thief with enough light to easily do his activity.

A hanging light is an ideal choice to be used in the garage as it will only light up the sensitive area where your car is parked. You will be able to clearly see a movement in a hanging light, but the burglar won’t see everything in the garage.

Moreover, a hanging light will help if you need to fix your car at night as it will provide focus, and you won’t need someone to hold the torch.

Home Appliances to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

A house is a blessing as it provides you a safe shelter from all external threats. But the inside of a house is just as important as the outside to ensure your comfort.

To have a comfortable life, you need to make your house a home with certain home appliances.

Home appliances add value to your house and make it comfortable for you to live in.

The list of home appliance to add comfort to your house is endless, but we will take a basic approach here and discuss two appliances which are essential for a comfortable life.

Besides food and shelter, there are two things vital to the life of any living being. Those two things are light and water.

Our focus will be the appliance that provides you comfort with light and water, such as a pendant lighting and water heater.

Pendant Lighting:

Pendant lighting is the modern and advanced form of lighting designed to meet the needs and trends of the modern age.

A pendant lighting is a hanging light, which instead of being installed in a fixed socket, hangs down from the ceiling with a rope or a rod.

You might undermine its usefulness among your home appliances, but you will be surprised to know what pendant lighting has to offer.

Firstly, it has a much better design than a regular bulb, and you can also customize it to your liking, depending on the vibe you want to create.

Secondly, pendant lighting does not make you bear the light in all of your room like a regular bulb. A pendant lighting only lights up the spot you want to use, just like the way you need it in this age.

For example, if you are trying to do some work at your desk, a lamp might not suffice if you need to move around. In this case, you need pendant lighting, which will provide you with adequate light while restricting it to where you want to work. It will also help you focus.

This is the reason you saw pendant lighting over the desks in the most modern offices.

Similarly, restaurants use it to make a cozy environment on your table when you go for fine dining and want to have a soothing conversation with your accompanies.

You can make your dinner table or even your living room cozy using pendant lighting to have some quality discussion with your friends and family.

Moreover, you might also have seen a pendant lighting in the mechanic’s shop when he is fixing your car. Pendant lighting is widely used in garages to keep them lit at night for security reasons and not to keep them so bright that the lighting is brightening up everything.

Water Heater:

A water heater is as important to have with your home appliances as pendant lighting, if not more.

A water heater is a device system that heats the water for your use in your house.

You cannot avoid water living in a house. You need it for almost everything, starting from taking a bath and using the toilet to washing your dishes and clothes.

It is important to use water at an optimum temperature from a health perspective, and hot water is better for cleaning.

Without a water heater, heating up water would be a serious challenge. You would have to heat it in a pot every time you need it, which will not only reduce your efficiency and productivity but will also be quite challenging.

And in case of an emergency, like you have to reach somewhere urgently or have some important guests over, heating water will be a disaster for your schedule.

A water heater will provide you hot water conveniently and timely and help you be more productive and efficient.

Similarly, having a water heater is important from the environment’s point of view.

If you do not have a water heater and choose to heat water manually, it will certainly cause water loss while transferring.

It will also cause wastage of natural gas, burning which, will release toxic remains in the air, affecting the air quality.

And in those areas which do not have easy access to natural gas, heating up water can be extremely expensive compared to having a water heater.

How to Setup Lighting in your House like Professionals

Home lighting might seem like a very simple task. As simple as installing a bulb and turn on the switch. But the reality is far away from that.

Hanging light, switches and sockets play a huge role in home lighting. You will be amazed to learn how much home lighting influences how your house looks and how it affects the way you feel inside your house.

Lighting is very important to set a certain mood. You may understand this about films. A horror film always has low light and dark vibe, and how bright, vibrant colors are used in songs.

Similarly, how hanging light is used to create a romantic setup.

Moreover, the home lighting can also affect if your home looks open or congested.

Let’s take you through the basics of home lighting so that you can make the optimum use of hanging lights and switches, and sockets.

Home Lighting:

There are several factors to consider before you even consider home lighting using a hanging light.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what you need the light for. Of course, to light up the room, but in what way?

For example, if it is a study room, it should use bright home lighting to make everything vivid and help you focus. The same goes for your office and everywhere else where you need to focus, such as classrooms. The light should also be white, preferably.

But if you are home lighting for a room where you relax and meditate or have your me-time, you should consider keeping the lighting low and dim.

Similarly, if it is your living room, you should equip it with home lighting to focus and relax.

If you are having a family discussion, you can use bright and white lights, but you can have low lights if you are sitting and enjoying family time.

Moreover, if it is a party setup, you should use multicolor lights for home lighting like those which keep you upbeat.

Similarly, using a hanging light is a good idea for creating a romantic vibe in the bedroom.

Hanging Light:

You will be surprised to know that using a hanging light for home lighting can add to the utility and beauty of your house.

First of all, hanging light is not fixed in a socket like a regular bulb. It usually hangs down the ceiling using a rope or a rod. The benefit of this hanging light feature is that you get your light only where you want it.

It will make much more sense when you get to know about the use of it.

You can use a hanging light in your garage to keep it well-lit for safety reasons. Moreover, you can use it to fix your car if it breaks and you need to have a look.

Similarly, if you use a hanging light at the entrance of your house, it will feel much more welcoming to you and your guests. You might not find it obvious, but you will certainly feel it.

Furthermore, a hanging light can add to the vibe much better than a regular bulb. You can customize the ropes, the glass, and the rods.

The customization of a hanging light will add to the vibe you are trying to create in that particular room. You can create themes according to your interests. Like if you like classic things, your hanging light can look like a lantern.

If you are fascinated by space, your hanging light can create an illusion of stars or moon.

Switches and Sockets:

Now that you understand the importance of home lighting and the importance of switches and sockets.

You might find it irrelevant to talk about switches and sockets while discussing home lighting, but it is as relevant as a hanging light.

A quality light will only give its best when paired with the best quality switches and sockets. Using poor quality switches and sockets can not only make your lights underperform, but they can also make them wear out more quickly.

Similarly, the design of switches and sockets you use is important to create a vibe you want to create.

For example, the best design of switches and sockets to be used with bright and white home lighting would be formal, such as a plain white board with polished buttons on it.

But if your preference is a classic vibe in your room, you can choose switches and sockets that mimic those old-school wooden switch boards.

Likewise, if you want to create for someone fascinated by space, use starry switches and sockets.

Besides the quality and looks, you also need to be cautious of the spots where you have your switches and sockets, as they need to be at a spot that is easily accessible.

Things to Know Before Buying Switch and Sockets, KDK Ceiling Fan, Commercial Lights

Do you own a business? Such as an office, restaurant, factory, or commercial site, and you’re looking to install switches and sockets? Lights? Fans? Then look no further. This article explains different types of switches and sockets, KDK ceiling fans, and commercial lights.

Switches and Sockets

An essential part of any place, rather it’s a house or an office, are switches and sockets. Switch and sockets are to be installed near tables and shouldn’t be placed too high or too far. Each switch and socket come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get either fancy or just plain white switches. If you’re going to install any switches and sockets for your house, I would recommend fancy. But please keep in mind that these switches and sockets usually wear out much faster than the bare white switches and sockets. If you are in an office, or any commercial environment, make sure to buy switches and sockets that complements your wall and doesn’t look odd. Otherwise, a switch or a socket works the same way. No significant difference is found in fancy or bare white switches and sockets.

KDK Ceiling Fan

KDK ceiling fans are famous for their smartness. These fans are usually used in commercial spaces but can also be installed in your home. These KDK ceiling fans come in all different types of shapes and sizes. These fans have unique features such as:

  • Temperature control
  • Smart ON/OFF
  • Sleep mode
  • LED light design

All of these functions make your life easier. The Smart ON/OFF sensor turns off the fan if no one is present. These sensors sense human presence and turn on; if no one is there, they turn off. Temperature control sets the fan to the desired room temperature. Lastly, the other two functions are fairly obvious. I can recommend some good models from the KDK are the Baby Fan Series, The Nodoka, and the Nodoka JR. Each KDK ceiling fan comes with a separate remote.

Commercial Lights

Lights heavily affect our psyche. In mammals, it affects our moods and can change the aesthetic of the environment we live in. If you are interested in commercial lights, you should consider installing LED lights in your facility. If you are wondering what a commercial light is, well, a commercial light is a light that is used in commercial environments to illuminate spaces. A LED is often used, as halogen light bulbs are overrated and can cause a hefty electric bill. The different type of Commercial lights that you can find in the market are:

  • Recessed Troffer light

A recessed troffer light is installed in the ceiling, and it shines light directly below on the surface. These lights are the best options available if you are looking for low heat emission.

  • Task lights

As the name suggests, these lights are used in only that area, where employees are working. They are easy to install and illuminate the environment.

  • Track lighting

These lights have mountable fixtures, which means you can adjust their angle. These lights are often mounted on the wall and give the specific advantage of enabling adjustment in the workspace.

  • Outdoor commercial lights

As the name suggests, these lights are used outside the office environment. They are used for security purposes. You can find three types of outdoor light, and those are:

  1. LED shoebox light – LED shoebox lights are mounted inside the pole and usually serve in parking lots.
  2. LED-wall pack light – These lights are installed on the side of the building. They illuminate the exterior and often differentiate your buildings from other commercial spaces.
  3. LED outdoor flood light – These lights are used to illuminate a wide area. These lights are either used in warehouses or outdoor stadiums.
  • Led warehouse lighting – These are catered for warehouses, and they illuminate every area of the warehouse with a single switch.
  • Lay-in fixtures – These are an excellent replacement for the old-aged fluorescent lights.
  • Desk lamps – These lamps are on the desk and are usually used in offices or on a study table.

Whenever you choose any of these lights, make sure what specific task you need. For example, if you need a light for a parking lot, I recommend installing outdoor commercial lights as these are often used outside. Also, make sure, before installing any light, that it doesn’t affect the aesthetic. It should be bright and shouldn’t ruin the mood of the environment.

In conclusion, all LED bulbs or commercial light bulbs affect your businesses.

The Ultimate Guide on Home Appliances, Hanging & Home Lights

Lights have a psychological effect on every species. Suppose you are decorating your home with home lights, hanging lights, or mood lights. Light has an impact on us. Have you noticed that when you go to your favorite restaurant, just for the aesthetics? If you have, you should most likely know that lights play a significant part in aesthetics. Just like that, whenever you are decorating your home, you should always keep in mind the home lighting and the lights installed inside your house (home lights). Most home appliances contribute to aesthetics inside your house.

This article will discuss the different types of hanging lights, home lights, and major home appliances that will affect your living and your home’s aesthetics. Let’s dive right into the topic, shall we?

Hanging Lights:

Hanging lights come in all different shapes and sizes. They are either tall, short, or medium-sized. Depends on what kind of light you want. They can even come singular or come in a bunch. These lights are hanged at a certain angle. Always ensure that whenever you buy these lights, that they come with a warranty. Here at lights2u, we provide the best Hanging light available in the market. Our hanging lights are tested and can last for months. Make sure that you want a wall-mounted light or a chandelier. Chandeliers are costly to install but look the best. Meanwhile, wall-mounted lights emit light at a certain angle.

Home Lights:

Home lights are those lights that are installed inside the house. Home lights come in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to the buyer which type of light he wants. These lights provide enough light for you to work daily. Make sure; whenever you buy any specific type of light, it should be a saver. A saver is a type of light that saves costing annually. Savers usually emit white or orange light. Big companies like Philips offer good savers that save costing annually. You can go for another option, and those are our LEDs, that has been tested several times here at lights2u. These LED’s can last for months, and there are a variety of options available.
Home Appliances:

Home Appliances include machines used daily, such as Microwave, Air conditioners, refrigerators, and many more. Before you buy any home appliances, make sure that you have enough room to place your home appliances. The second most important thing you need to check is if there are sockets available to plug in your appliance. The last important thing is before buying is to check the company. Many companies in the market sell home appliances ranging from Samsung to LG and many more. I have listed down some recommended and unique home appliances that will make your life easier.

These are:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Self-Cleaning oven
  • A giant-sized refrigerator that has three doors called a French refrigerator

All three products are available everywhere in the market, and here at lights2u, you can find all of these home appliances and with warranties. All of these appliances come in different shapes and sizes. I forgot to mention another point, and that is if you’re buying any of these home appliances, you should always buy it in matching colors so that it doesn’t look odd in the kitchen, living room or anywhere inside the house.

In conclusion, if you are buying home appliances, you should buy them directly from lights2u. Lights2u offers a warranty on its hanging home lights. We also offer a warranty on home appliances. Make sure to always check offers on our website, before buying any type of products.