How to Make your House Luxurious Using Hanging Light as House Lights


They say the first impression is the last. In the case of a person, the first impression is his looks.

In the case of a house, the first impression is how the house looks. Wherever there is sight involved, there is light involved as you can’t see in the absence of light.

How you light up your house defines the impression your house will have on a visitor. Your house represents you, and your visitor will naturally use your house as a parameter to estimate your personality.

Make sure you make your house a true representative of your elegant personality by using hanging light as your house lights.

Many people might think lighting is as simple as installing a bulb and switching it on. Well, that’s not true at all. Different types of lights serve different purposes. And yes, there are more purposes of using light than just brightening up the room.


Things to Know Before Choosing House Lights:

When you make a house, you do not just build four walls and start living there. You divide the space into various parts in rooms according to the purpose you want them to serve.

A house has different parts, and the most basic of them are bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and lounge. All these rooms are designed to serve different purposes. But how come the house lights would be the same in all rooms?

Let us clarify it further with some examples. Your bedroom is mostly used to relax or chill out. You do not need a bright light there as it will make the environment unsuitable for relaxing.


1.  Entrance:

Entrance is the first impression of your house’s first impression, and the house lights used here will define how your house welcomes you or your visitors.

House lights on the entrance should ideally be bright and warm so that they truly make you feel welcomed.

You can use LED lights on the entrance or an exotic chandelier. For extra light, use hanging lights, which you can use when you do not have a visitor and need to brighten up the area. Hanging light will also help when you enter the house late as you don’t want to alert everybody with the big light.


2. Lounge:

Your lounge is used to relax, chill out, or hang out and have serious discussions.

For this reason, the ideal house lights in the lounge would be an LED light for brightening up or a hanging light such as a chandelier, which will keep it bright enough to make everything visible but also dim enough to relax and talk.


3. Bedroom:

So the appropriate house lights for a bedroom would be the one which can lit the room well but can also keep dim. Moreover, you can have lamps on your side tables and accent lights on your dressing table, which will serve only the essential purpose.


4. Bathroom:

In your bathroom, the ideal house lights should make it bright enough to see clearly because you don’t need your bathroom to be too bright. And a good addition would be accent light on the mirrors over the sink so that you can focus on your face.


5. Kitchen:

There are variations in the kitchen designs. Some are closed kitchens used for cooking only, and some are open. Some have a dining table, and some have a bar.

The ideal house lights for your kitchen would mostly depend on the style of your kitchen, but generically, here are some suggestions.

Over your dining table, the best choice for house lights would be hanging light as you only want the light to see your plate and nothing else. The hanging light will also create enough luminance to make the faces visible so that you can have a cozy environment.

Similarly, on the shelf where you cut, you need extra light and no shadows. A hanging light would be ideal because it will provide enough light for a sharp focus and avoid shadows.

For a sink or a bar, you do not need a lot of light, so you could either make do with your general LED light if it is bright enough, or you can use accent lights or even a hanging light. Especially on a bar, a hanging light will serve the purpose perfectly while adding to the feel and the mood.


6. Garage:

Lastly, choosing the right house lights for your garage is as important as it is for the rest of your house.

You do not want to leave your garage dull. You should have some light there to keep a check if there is some suspicious activity going on, like a thief messing around. But you also don’t want to provide the thief with enough light to easily do his activity.

A hanging light is an ideal choice to be used in the garage as it will only light up the sensitive area where your car is parked. You will be able to clearly see a movement in a hanging light, but the burglar won’t see everything in the garage.

Moreover, a hanging light will help if you need to fix your car at night as it will provide focus, and you won’t need someone to hold the torch.