How to Setup Lighting in your House like Professionals


Home lighting might seem like a very simple task. As simple as installing a bulb and turn on the switch. But the reality is far away from that.

Hanging light, switches and sockets play a huge role in home lighting. You will be amazed to learn how much home lighting influences how your house looks and how it affects the way you feel inside your house.

Lighting is very important to set a certain mood. You may understand this about films. A horror film always has low light and dark vibe, and how bright, vibrant colors are used in songs.

Similarly, how hanging light is used to create a romantic setup.

Moreover, the home lighting can also affect if your home looks open or congested.

Let’s take you through the basics of home lighting so that you can make the optimum use of hanging lights and switches, and sockets.

Home Lighting:

There are several factors to consider before you even consider home lighting using a hanging light.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what you need the light for. Of course, to light up the room, but in what way?

For example, if it is a study room, it should use bright home lighting to make everything vivid and help you focus. The same goes for your office and everywhere else where you need to focus, such as classrooms. The light should also be white, preferably.

But if you are home lighting for a room where you relax and meditate or have your me-time, you should consider keeping the lighting low and dim.

Similarly, if it is your living room, you should equip it with home lighting to focus and relax.

If you are having a family discussion, you can use bright and white lights, but you can have low lights if you are sitting and enjoying family time.

Moreover, if it is a party setup, you should use multicolor lights for home lighting like those which keep you upbeat.

Similarly, using a hanging light is a good idea for creating a romantic vibe in the bedroom.

Hanging Light:

You will be surprised to know that using a hanging light for home lighting can add to the utility and beauty of your house.

First of all, hanging light is not fixed in a socket like a regular bulb. It usually hangs down the ceiling using a rope or a rod. The benefit of this hanging light feature is that you get your light only where you want it.

It will make much more sense when you get to know about the use of it.

You can use a hanging light in your garage to keep it well-lit for safety reasons. Moreover, you can use it to fix your car if it breaks and you need to have a look.

Similarly, if you use a hanging light at the entrance of your house, it will feel much more welcoming to you and your guests. You might not find it obvious, but you will certainly feel it.

Furthermore, a hanging light can add to the vibe much better than a regular bulb. You can customize the ropes, the glass, and the rods.

The customization of a hanging light will add to the vibe you are trying to create in that particular room. You can create themes according to your interests. Like if you like classic things, your hanging light can look like a lantern.

If you are fascinated by space, your hanging light can create an illusion of stars or moon.

Switches and Sockets:

Now that you understand the importance of home lighting and the importance of switches and sockets.

You might find it irrelevant to talk about switches and sockets while discussing home lighting, but it is as relevant as a hanging light.

A quality light will only give its best when paired with the best quality switches and sockets. Using poor quality switches and sockets can not only make your lights underperform, but they can also make them wear out more quickly.

Similarly, the design of switches and sockets you use is important to create a vibe you want to create.

For example, the best design of switches and sockets to be used with bright and white home lighting would be formal, such as a plain white board with polished buttons on it.

But if your preference is a classic vibe in your room, you can choose switches and sockets that mimic those old-school wooden switch boards.

Likewise, if you want to create for someone fascinated by space, use starry switches and sockets.

Besides the quality and looks, you also need to be cautious of the spots where you have your switches and sockets, as they need to be at a spot that is easily accessible.