Range of Water Heaters to choose from

An unlimited supply of warm water is bliss. Our wide range of shower heaters is guaranteed to serve your requirements to an unlimited supply of temperature-controlled water for shower. We offer energy-efficient and environment-friendly Tank-based solar heaters that utilize the abundant sunlight to power the heater. For the orthodox user looking for affordable and ever-lasting variants, we also have conventional storage tank-type shower heaters with have automatic temperature and pressure controls.

Our Tankless Shower Heaters, more commonly known as instant heaters, uses electricity to heat water. This is the most recommended type of shower heater in Malaysia, and for the same reason, the variants, and options available are plenty.

Choosing a Water Heater that’s right for you

Malaysia’s forgiving climate retains the water temperature close to the comfortable shower temperature; shower heaters are appropriate. However, certain factors must be kept under consideration while buying one.

  1. Shower Heater’s Capacity

For larger families with greater water utilisations, tankless shower heaters will serve the best as the hot water supply is unlimited. Whereas for a relatively smaller family, an instant shower heater will work just fine.

  1. Other Miscellaneous Features

While solar power showers are the best alternative to saving electricity and protecting the world’s scarce resources; they may, however, not be viable if solar panels are not already installed as it will incur additional cost. Some shower heaters are easier to install than others, such as tankless water heaters. All such factors must be thought through before making the purchase.