What are Electrical Cables and Wires?

Electric wires that are made of copper are considered safe since they are best suited for various electric appliances. Copper is always the top choice because it is resistant to corrosion, ductility, and electrical overload.

The electrical cables are made of multiple wires. Sometimes they are braided, bonded, or twisted together in order to make it a single cable.

There are more than 20 types of cables, including coaxial, twisted, multi-core, and multi-conductor cables.

Tips for Proper and Efficient Wiring Across your House:
Wiring is an extremely important phase of house construction as it translates into the safety and integrity of a house in the years to come. However, customers often go for the cheapest solution available out there, which ends up costing them more money in the long run. Following are some tips to save money and remain safe:


  • Proper Checking: Every year in Malaysia, 50% of the people who encounter an electrical accident face death from it. But that’s not it; third world countries face even more danger of electrocution because of poor working conditions.

Therefore, devices must be checked before you start using them to avoid any shocks.

  • Detangle the Electrical Cables: It is always advised to detangle the cables before using them to avoid any signal interference. This can also reduce the tension from the cable and increase their lifespan.
  • Replace Old Cables: Old is not gold when it comes to wiring and cables. It is now time to change those old cables and give your home the change it deserves. Our website has multiple options available, from heat resistant to flame-resistant electrical cables. However, something that should always be kept in mind is amp checking. This step must not be avoided at any cost, whether it’s after installation or before replacement.