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Why You’ll Love Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an essential element of any stylish home. Pendant lighting simply means any light fixture found hanging from the ceiling with the help of a chain. They come in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes. Whether you get yourself a bell-shaped pendant or a chandelier, they will all make your room illuminated with style and uniqueness. Moreover, some of these lights include one or more bulbs.

Ideal for Various Locations in Home:

Hanging light is not only ideal for elevated surfaces like kitchen slabs or compact places like entryways, but they are also great to illuminate your favourite paintings or your porches. However, the objective of hanging these lights is always to brighten the targeted area.

Many people opt for these lights considering the fact that they save a lot of money on electricity.

How High Should You Hang the Pendant Light?

A question that bugs every person’s mind is, how high the hanging light should be?

The answer to that question is very easy; it all depends on the location you’ll be hanging the light. Some of the locations where hanging light is commonly used are given below:

  • Kitchen: For the kitchen island, the lights should be hanged from 28 to 34 inches above.
  • Dining Room: The pendant should be suspended from 30 to 35 inches from above your table for the dining room.
  • Doorways: A 7 feet height should be kept under consideration for the entryways