Why making the right choice for Switches and Sockets is important?

All our electrical appliances are connected to the main electric supply by plugging them into sockets, and these sockets are controlled by the switches. There are all kinds of switches and sockets available in the market right now; some of them are intended for safety purposes, i.e., home with little kids. However, some of them are intended to be used within offices or home workstations, where a lot of appliances need to be supplied with electrical power at once.  By making the right choice for the switches and sockets, you’ll be able to make sure that your appliances run safely without any issue.

What type of switch should I use in my home?

That’s a crucial question since not all switches are made the same way. Some of them are intended to be used with normal day to day electronics like TV, Laptop, and phone charger, whereas some of them are intended to be used with heavy-duty appliances like a freezer, oven, and an electric heater.

The following details will help you decide on which switch to choose for your particular use case scenario:

  • For the basic home appliances like fans and lighting, you’ll need to invest in 6A/10A switches to make sure they run without any issues at all.
  • For TVs, and PCs you might want to get something rated higher like 16A/20A switch; however, they can run fine on 6A/10A switches, albeit requiring low wattage.
  • Air Conditioner and Freezers will require you to invest in 25A or higher switches.